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In the event of a whole class closure, all children will move to Distance Learning with immediate effect. This will involve learning uploaded onto Seesaw by your class teacher, as well as scheduled live streamed sessions on Google Meet. Please read the following information carefully to understand how to access learning from home. 




Children must attend registration via Google Meet at the time indicated on their timetable. Children who do not attend registration on time will be marked either late or absent. Please note that children must wear their school uniform during registration and for the remainder of the school day whilst learning from home. 




Your child's Distance Learning timetable will replicate their timetable in school. This means that children should follow the lesson timings indicated on the timetable whilst learning from home. 

We have designed the Distance Learning timetables to ensure that they are appropriate for the age and stage of every child in school. This means that the number of live streamed sessions will depend on your child or children's year group. For example, children in FS1 to Year 2 have two live check-in sessions at the beginning and the end of the day, whilst children in Year 3 to 6 will attend live sessions at the beginning of most lessons. The timings for all live sessions are indicated on your Distance Learning timetable in blue.


All Distance Learning timetables can be found here




In order for children to communicate their learning with their teacher, all Distance Learning must be accessed via the Seesaw Class Application. Please note that this is different to the Seesaw Family Application. This can be accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop, however we recommend that children use a larger device in order to view their learning more clearly. 


If you have not logged into the Seesaw Class Application before, please note that your login details have been emailed to you directly. 


Please watch our Seesaw Parent Guide for further information. 


Google Meet


All live streamed sessions can be accessed via Google Meet. Please note that you must be signed into your child's school Gmail account in order to access the live stream. These details have been emailed to you directly. Once logged in, you will be asked to insert a meeting code, which will be the name of your class (e.g. F2O or 4E).  

If you have trouble joining the Google Meet, please wait a few minutes and try to log in again as teachers must start the meeting in order for students to join.

Please read through Google Meet Parent Guide for further information.

Foundation Stage

Our Distance Learning provision aims to emulate what we do in school to develop characteristics of learning and independence in our youngest children. This means that Seesaw tasks reflect our key areas of learning and children may be given the opportunity to choose from a variety of tasks. 


Although we cannot bring the classroom environment into your home, we would encourage you to have a range of toys for your child to choose to play with as this will stimulate their learning. These could include dolls, Lego, construction, jigsaws, books, games, water play, sand play etc. As your child interacts with their chosen ‘toys’ during independent learning tasks, you will be able to encourage them to join in with the task they have chosen, such as make up a story or take turns to play a game. Although this may look like play, your interaction as an adult turns their play into learning and is a vital part of their development. Our teachers may post questions on to Seesaw, to encourage speaking and listening which you can ask your child during their play to stimulate their development. This is how the learning works in the school environment. 

We would encourage you to have the follow resources at home to support with your child's learning:

  • Paper

  • Colouring Pencils

  • Pencils

  • Pens

  • Ruler

  • Play-dough

  • White board, pen and rubber

  • Objects for counting – counters, Lego, buttons

  • Glue

  • Scissors


Any other resources you may need will be posted on Seesaw the week beforehand by your class teacher.

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