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Each student will be assigned a tutor group, this small group of students will receive academic and pastoral support within a designated hour each week. Although students have an allocated tutor sessions, they also have direct access to their tutor, all students are able to book meetings with staff through Google Calendar and Google Mail as and when advice and guidance is required.


Tutor Session

Content covered in tutor sessions will vary each week, students will cover compulsory sessions of Moral Education alongside coveted sessions of our Options & Aspirations Programme and Skills Programme. Tutor groups are ‘vertical’ which mean students mix across Year 12 and Year 13, this encourages a community feel across the sixth form and Year 12 students are able to learn from Year 13 students as they prepare their applications and examination schedules.


EPQ Session

This is only for students who are completing the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Students are designated a session each week to effectively complete the project. The lessons will vary from teacher-led instruction to independent study, students can also use this time to book a meeting with their EPQ tutor who will offer increased support, instruction and feedback throughout.


Peer Counselling

Alongside our Student Leadership Programme, students will be given the opportunity to personify the JAS values and become a role model and mentor to the younger secondary and primary school students. Our Year 12 students, having just experienced GCSE examinations, will have the opportunity to work with secondary students and offer advice on how to effectively revise and prepare for examinations. Sixth form students will talk from personal experience but will be guided by a member of staff.

For more information, download our Sixth Form Prospectus