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We know, through links with reputable UK universities, that successful preparation for leaving home and studying abroad is essential, particularly for expatriate students. Learning to cope successfully by yourself can sometimes be the difference between completing your course or not. We believe that academic qualifications alone are not enough - however good. JAS Sixth Form students will be suitably prepared for their chosen university or employment through the completion of our innovative JAS Skills (study skills and life skills) curriculum that develops confidence, knowledge and independence, both personally and academically. 


JAS Study Skills Programme focuses on essential skills for successful and confident study. Development of said skills will not only help students whilst at sixth form, but also whilst at university and throughout a student’s career. Study skills sessions combine an induction to future-ready technology, efficient learning strategies, effective researching, referencing and essay writing techniques, and exam preparation skills and strategies.


JAS Life Skills Programme focuses on equipping students with essential life-long skills, enabling them to live confidently and independently as they move away from home. When heading to a new country or into university accommodation, students are required to undertake tasks that they may not be familiar or confident with; cooking, cleaning, laundry, DIY, money management, etc. Life Skills sessions combine practical tasks with knowledge and understanding.

Google for Education

As a school that widely uses Google for Education, it is compulsory for all sixth form students to complete Google Level 1 Training as part of their sixth form induction. Day-to-day, Jebel Ali School staff and students use Google Mail, Calendar and Tasks to effectively communicate, organise and schedule. 


Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are widely used to complete assignments and enable/encourage collaborative learning. Google Classroom facilitates our blended learning method and allows teachers to share and set learning materials and assignments outside of lesson time.

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