The JAS Sixth Form timetable is pioneering and unique in its offering. Whilst our priority is to ensure students receive sufficient A-level study time, our timetable is carefully designed to encourage and enhance the health, wellbeing, interests, aspirations and personal progress of our young people. 


Most days at JAS Sixth Form students are not expected to start lessons until 08:40, this delayed start time allows our students to prepare for the day ahead or to drop siblings off at JAS Primary or Secondary. However, we do offer independent study time between 07:40 and 08:40. Research suggests that a delayed start and adequate sleep-time not only improve young adult’s concentration and higher-order cognitive skills (judgement, reasoning and problem-solving capabilities) but they also benefit mental and physical health.


Upon joining JAS Sixth Form, students have an array of accessible pathways to choose from. All A-level subjects are allocated five hours a week, within which one hour will be for directed study. A mixture of double and single lessons are conducted at JAS Sixth Form to allow for flexible teaching and learning.

Students are also allocated two weekly tutor sessions and one double enrichment session. Tutor sessions students will complete our Skills Programme, and Options and Aspirations Programme. The enrichment session, scheduled at the end of a school day, provides students the opportunity to gain work experience using our business links around Dubai.

For more information, download our Sixth Form Prospectus

Example 4x A-level timetable:

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