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Leadership Team

Simon Jodrell_edited.png
Mr S Jodrell
Stephanie Milner_edited.png
Mrs S Milner
Stephen Green_edited.png
Mr S Green
Secondary Headteacher
Ben Parnell_edited.png
Mr B Parnell
Deputy Headteacher Secondary
Scott Brown_edited.png
Mr S Brown
Deputy Headteacher Secondary
Jenn Sims_edited.png
Mrs J Sims
Assistant Headteacher Secondary
Sian Davies_edited.png
Ms. S Davies
Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form
Lyndsay Wing_edited.png
Mrs L Wing
Director of Inclusion

Year 12

Andrea Mossoni_edited.png
Mr A Mossoni
Head of Year 11, MFL Teacher
Year 12 Form Tutors:
12GSP Mr G Spurling
12LHI Ms. L Hitie
12LSJ Mrs L

Year 13

Sian Davies_edited.png
Ms. S Davies
Year 13 Form Tutors:
13KCH Mrs K Chittenden

Secondary Heads of Department

Charlotte Baker_edited.png
Ms. C Baker
Emily Berry_edited.png
Ms. E Berry
Gemma Briggs_edited.png
Ms. G Briggs
Eman Hasan_edited.png
Mrs E Hasan
Director of Arabic
Amie Channon_edited.png
Ms. A Channon
Director of Sport
Zahra Ali_edited.png
Mrs Z Ali
Whole School Counsellor
Claire Coyle_edited.png
Mrs C Coyle
Head of Secondary Computing
Nasr Dwedari_edited.png
Mr N Dwedari
Hesham Safi_edited.png
Mr H Safi
Simon Kuzsnetsov_edited.png
Eleanorr Scarr_edited.png
Mr S Kuznetsov
Ms. E Scarr
Adam Laird_edited.png
Mr A Laird
Head of Music
Rosie Channon_edited.png
Ms. R Channon
Jose Guerrero_edited.png
Mr J Guerrero
Matthew Rice_edited.png
Mr Rice
Head of Humanities
IMG_3412 id (1)_edited.png
Mr Timcke
Head of History and Politics
Syreeta Taylor_edited.png
Ms. S Taylor
Laura Secker_edited.png
Mrs L Secker
Head of Business and Economics
Keren Chittenden_edited.png
Mrs K Chittenden
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