Making subject choices in Year 11 is a very important process here at Jebel Ali School. It is an opportunity for students to take ownership over their studies and work towards their aspirations. During the course of the academic year, our Year 11 students will be making A-level subject choices and we hope that the information provided in the Sixth Form's Academic Provision document will be helpful to both students and parents. The booklet contains key information on each subject and provides a course overview, entry requirements and links to career progression. 


Please download the booklet and read through the information so that you are fully briefed on the A-level options process. In addition, we will encourage our current Year 11s to download a copy to their Chromebook so that they may use it as a reference source when considering their options.


It is incredibly important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. We know that there is an apparent correlation between a student’s passion and their likelihood to succeed, therefore whether attending a guidance interview or independently perusing our academic provision, we advise students to consider, firstly, their interest and enthusiasm for the subject; secondly, the potential to help access University courses; and, thirdly, to think about their career aspirations.

Watch these videos from our curriculum leads for more information on each of our A-level Options:

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 20.46.03.png

*Videos for A-level Media Studies, Politics, Further Maths, and Photography will be available soon.