Leadership Team

S Jodrell
Kenneth Lyon_edited.png
K Lyon
Primary Headteacher
Fiona Cameron_edited.png
F Cameron
Deputy Headteacher 
for Key Stage 1
Sam Bowen_edited.png
S Bowen
Deputy Headteacher Primary
Ben Horton_edited.png
B Horton
Assistant Headteacher Primary
Simon_Jodrell_image to be used_edited.png

Year 1

amy page_edited.png
A Page
Year Group Leader
1P Teacher
amanda nahouli_edited.png
A Nahouli
1N Teacher
M Daniels
1D Teacher
C Thompson
1T Teacher
angela flynn_edited.png
A Flynn
1F Teacher
claire jackson_edited.png
C Jackson
1P Learning Assistant
saira mirza_edited.png
S Mirza
1N Learning Assistant
mattea deangelis_edited.png
M Deangelis
1D Learning Assistant
rachel harris_edited.png
R Harris
1T Learning Assistant
sangeeta rander_edited.png
S Rander
1F Learning Assistant

Year 2

georgia jennings_edited.png
G Jennings
Year Group Leader
2J Teacher
R Hedley
2H Teacher
nyla adris_edited.png
N Adris
2A Teacher
C Mare
2K Teacher
bryony toward_edited.png
B Toward
2T Teacher
melissa hymas_edited.png
M Hymas
2J Learning Assistant
K Sinden
2H Learning Assistant
M Greve
2A Learning Assistant
karen doyle_edited.png
K Doyle
2K Learning Assistant
nora crawley_edited.png
N Crawley
2T Learning Assistant
rebecca hedley_edited.png
mags greve_edited.png
2K - Claire Mare_edited.png

Year 3

3D - John Doherty_edited.png
J Doherty
Year Group Leader
3D Teacher
barbara bigongo_edited.png
B Bugingo
3B Teacher
anne edmonson_edited.png
A Edmondson
3E Teacher
julie scheepers_edited.png
J Scheepers
3S Teacher
3N - Shane Nicholas-2_edited.png
S Nicholas
3N Teacher
rakhi borkhataria_edited.png
R Borkhataria
Year 3 Learning Assistant
liz kerr_edited.png
L Kerr
Year 3 Learning Assistant
fiona hudson_edited.png
F Hudson
Year 3 Learning Assistant

Year 4

veronica elliott_edited.png
V Elliott
Year Group Leader
4E Teacher
jo barker_edited.png
J Barker
4B Teacher
liz mc culloch_edited.png
L McCulloch
4L Teacher
peter mcdermott_edited.png
P McDermott
4M Teacher
maryam denton cardew_edited.png
M Denton-Cardew
4D Teacher
STAFF - Wayne (Y4 TEACHING ASST_) Chittenden_edited.png
W Chittenden
Year 4 Learning Assistant
ashleigh abram_edited.png
A Abram
Year 4 Learning Assistant
maysoon alkhairi_edited.png
M Al Khairi
Year 4 Learning Assistant

Year 5

dani payne_edited.png
D Payne
Year 5 Learning Assistant
R Doherty
Year Group Leader
5D Teacher
charlotte taylor_edited.png
C Taylor
5C Teacher
gillian taylor_edited.png
G Taylor
5T Teacher
karen mcnulty_edited.png
K McNulty
5M Teacher
jessica brewer_edited.png
J Brewer
5B Teacher
simone nowell_edited.png
S Nowell
Year 5 Learning Assistant
L Williams
Year 5 Learning Assistant
luca williams_edited.png

Year 6

Amber Hussain_edited.png
A Hussain
Year Group Leader
6H Teacher
Matt Weir_edited.png
M Weir
6W Teacher
Jude Quarm_edited.png
J Quarm
6Q Teacher
Jen Foote_edited.png
J Foote
6F Teacher
Jacqueline Muir_edited.png
J Muir
6M Teacher
Mandy Parton_edited.png
M Parton
Year 6 Learning Assistant
Veronica Lemon_edited.png
V Lemon
Year 6 Learning Assistant
Denise Record_edited.png
D Record
Year 6 Learning Assistant

Primary Specialists

Amie Channon_edited.png
A Channon
Head of Wholeschool PE
Emma Turnbull (Mon-Thurs)_edited.png
E Turnbull
PE Teacher
David Proudfoot_edited.png
D Proudfoot
PE Teacher
Shaz Hussey.jpg
S Hussey
PE Teacher
Gemma Hillier_edited.png
G Hillier
PE Teacher
Pippa Bullock_edited.png
P Bullock
PE Teacher
Lucy Moore_edited.png
L Moore
Sports Coach
Hugh Loxton_edited.png
H Loxton
Sports Coach
H Bishawi
Head of Islamic Education 
Hasan Elewa_edited.png
H Elewa
Islamic Education Teacher
omnia hussien_edited.png
O Hussien
Islamic Learning Assistant
Eman Hasan_edited.png
E Hassan
Head of Arabic
 Al Jayeh
Arabic B Teacher
hala bishawi_edited.png
alaa al jajeh_edited.png
A Al Shebab
Arabic A Teacher
Yasmin Yousef_edited.png
Y Yousef
Arabic B Teacher
ayham al mohamed_edited.png
A Al Mohamed
Arabic B Teacher
ola ramadan_edited.png
E Al Edlibi
Arabic B Teacher
O Ramadan
Arabic B Teacher
asma al mohamed_edited.png
eiman al edibi_edited.png
ziena atwi_edited.png
Z Atwi
Arabic Language Support
ciaran kelly_edited.png
C Kelly
Head of Primary Computing 
Digital Literacy Leader
gary hall_edited_edited.png
G Hall
Teacher of Computing
luca williams_edited.png
L Williams
Teacher of Computing
Zahra Ali_edited.png
Z Ali
Wholeschool Counsellor
R Pickerell
Head of Primary Music
Suzette dawsoan_edited.png
S Dawson
Music Teacher
carla Coffey_edited.png
C Coffey
Music Teacher
aneesa ali_edited.png
A Ali
Primary Librarian