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Leadership Team

Simon Jodrell_edited.png
Mr. S Jodrell
Stephanie Milner_edited.png
Mrs. S Milner
Vice Principal and Primary Headteacher
Ms. L Dickie
Deputy Headteacher Primary
Mrs. S Johnson
Deputy Headteacher 
Foundation Stage
Ben Horton_edited.png
Mr. B Horton
Assistant Headteacher Primary
Claire Henderson_edited.png
Mrs. C Henderson
Assistant Headteacher Primary
Olive Clancy_edited.png
Mrs. O Clancy
SENCO Foundation and Primary

Year 1

Ms. K Joannou
Head of Year 1, 1J Teacher
Year 1 Teachers:
1G Miss G Gallichan

1H Ms. R Higgins -
1W Miss S Wakeling
1C Miss V Chadwick -
1Y Ms. J Young -

Year 2

Amy Page_edited.png
Ms. A Page
Head of Year 2, 2P Teacher
Year 2 Teachers:
2A Ms. K Gillman
2B Ms. A Bowe -

2C Miss C Pitter -
2T Mrs. B Toward -
2J Ms. H Fol -


Year 3

Mr. J Griffiths
Head of Year 3, 3M Teacher
Year 3 Teachers:
3M Miss C Morrison
3B Ms. J Brewer -
3B Mrs. D Hall - (Term 1 Maternity Cover)
3T Ms. L Tanner -
3A Mrs. A Bowe -
3D Miss D Demetriou -


Year 4

Stephanie Weller_edited.png
Ms. S Weller
Head of Year 4, 4S Teacher
Year 4 Teachers:
4W Miss V Willars

4K Mr. S Knight -
4M Ms. S Moledina -
4T Miss C Taylor -
4P Ms. B Pollitt 

Year 5

Peter McDermott_edited.png
Mr P McDermott
Head of Year 5, 5P Teacher

Year 6

Veronica Elliot_edited.png
Mrs V Elliott
Head of Year 6, 6E Teacher
Year 6 Teachers:
6B Mrs. J Barker -

 Mrs. J Foote -
6M Miss M Kane -
6K Mr. K Bloomfield -
6N Mrs.
 S Nowell -

Primary Heads of Department

Eman Hasan_edited.png
Mrs. E Hasan
Director of Arabic
Amie Channon_edited.png
Ms. A Channon
Director of Sport
Mrs. J Bain
School Counsellor
hala bishawi_edited.png
Mrs. H Bishawi
Head of Primary Islamic
Rebecca Pickrell_edited.png
Mrs. R Pickrell
Head of Primary Music
Aneesa Ali_edited.png
Mrs. A Ali
Primary Librarian
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