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A culture of expressive freedom, opportunity and exploration at JAS permeates throughout the curriculum at all levels and JAS is proud of how Creative Arts and Performing Arts are valued by both parents and pupils alike.

Creative Arts at JAS includes Art, Photography, and Design Technology.

Performing Arts at JAS includes Drama, Dance, and Music.


Students experience a wide range of stimulating and engaging topics at all levels, delivered by a highly motivated and passionate team. Fully supported and recognised by senior leaders as an important area of the curriculum that develops creativity and social skills such as teamwork and confidence. 


As well as being popular with students, the Creative Arts and Performing Arts subjects also provide rigorous and challenging content through to GCSE and A-level, with all subjects achieving significant results in all areas of examination. 

Our established curriculum is supported by an array of specialised facilities which include two drama rooms with lighting and sound facilities, two musics rooms, five individual music practice rooms, an Apple Mac suite, two art rooms, a photography room, design technology workshop and an additional computer suite. Our large auditorium plays host to the many performances and productions throughout the academic year. 


Alongside the curriculum, our professional and passionate staff facilitate many extracurricular projects in a wide variety of disciplines, catering for every interest of our varied student body, and this helps embed Performing Arts and Creative Arts into the everyday life of the school.


Learning is not restricted to the classroom, at JAS, students also have the opportunity to visit theatres, museums, galleries, and represent the school at regional and national competitions.

Dubai Opera - Drama 

GCSE Composition; Apple Store - Music 

Choirfest - Music

Louvre, Abu Dhabi - Art - Year 7

Dubai’s Seaside/Coastline - Art - Year 10

Dubai Art Week - Art - Year 10 & 11

Architecture Photography - Photography - Year 10

F1 in Schools National Finals - Design Tech. - Year 7 to 9

Dubai Design Week - Design Tech. - Year 10 & 11


At JAS we are incredibly proud of the breadth of opportunities that students have to further develop their passion and showcase their hard work and talents.

Drama Productions - Foundation, Primary (Year 1, 2 & 6) and Secondary Showcase Event

Termly Music Concerts - Primary Showcase Event

Take the Stage - Secondary Showcase Event

GCSE Performance Evenings - KS4 Showcase Event

Primary Music Soiree - Primary Showcase Event 

JAS Create

JAS Has Got Talent! - Year 6 & Secondary Talent show

Lawrence Carmichael Theatre Workshop - Drama Workshops

Tea Time Theatre - Drama Performance Event

JAS Portrait Artist of the Year - Year 7 & 8 project

F1 in Schools UAE National Finals - Secondary project hosted at Yas Marina Circuit

Composition Corner - Showcase KS3 work to a professional

Battle of the Bands - Year 9 project on rehearsing & performing


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, students receive 2 lessons of music per week. The curriculum is designed to encourage and foster a love of music and increase a student's self-confidence and creativity, through listening, performing and composing.


Students are able to express themselves through an array of singing and movement activities, including; performing songs and chants, and exploring a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.


Students also create sound stories and begin to develop the ability to learn and read music symbols.

A real highlight is the accumulation of the aforementioned singing and movement skills, showcased in a seasonal production by all Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 students.



In Key Stage 2, students participate in a wide range of musical activities. They learn to appreciate world music and perform songs and instrumental music from different traditions and cultures. Pupils read staff and other notations and learn to play the recorder, keyboard, xylophone, ukulele, and ethnic drums. They are also introduced to, and gain experience of working with musical software, using IT devices.

All Year 6 students perform in a large-scale production with live music; in recent years our Year 6 students have performed; Madagascar, and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.

Pupils have the opportunity to join and experience a variety of Performing Arts extracurricular activities; three different choirs, JAS Primary Orchestra, JAS Guitar Group, and the JAS Handbell Team.

These ensembles perform both in school, as well as in the community. Previous venues include; Dubai Eye Radio, Emirates Literature Festival, Ski Dubai, Gold & Diamond Park, Jebel Ali Trinity church, and several local hotels.

IMGL8763 (1).jpg

The Performing Arts and Creative Arts curriculums are dynamic and exciting for all students in Year 7 through to Year 9. Throughout these years, students receive a dedicated 1-hour lesson a week with a specialist teacher to enhance their knowledge, develop an understanding and increase their engagement in each of the Arts subjects; Drama, Music, Art and Design Technology.

The ethos of the department is to provide an environment which nurtures and actively encourages creativity and talent and it is within Year 7 to 9 that many of our students develop an interest and passion for various Art forms. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an array of Performing Arts and Creative Arts extracurricular clubs and projects.

As a Secondary School, we host evenings that proudly showcase our student's hard-work and talents across Music, Dance and Drama lessons and extracurricular clubs. Students also have the opportunity to take to the stage in our annual production, often performing and excelling at Desert Dance, Dubai's regional Performing Arts competition.



Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is created and delivered to support students who intend to go on and study GCSE Art & Design, GCSE Design Technology, GCSE Drama and/or GCSE Music.

The GCSE specifications in Creative Arts and Performing Arts subjects have practical and theoretical elements to them. Throughout Year 10 and 11, students have 3 hours of dedicated lesson time with a subject specialist, and at the end of the two-year GCSE programme students are assessed on their ability to produce and perform skills that they have previously studied and refined.

Students are exposed to a wide range of techniques to develop their own style and appreciation of Creative Arts and Performing Arts. All students are encouraged to have creative freedom and ownership of their ideas and work.

Our extracurricular programme continues to offer an array of Creative Arts and Performing Arts opportunities for all students. Our Key Stage 4 students also participate in the various showcase evenings and productions, not just as performers but also as lighting, sound, set and stage assistants. 


The GCSE is a prerequisite for students wishing to study the linear Creative Arts and/or Performing Arts A-level.


A-level specifications in Creative Arts and Performing Arts subjects have practical and theoretical elements to them, and students are still expected and encouraged to have creative freedom and ownership of their ideas and work. Similarly to the GCSE, students are assessed on their ability to produce and perform skills that they have previously studied and refined across Year 12 and Year 13. 

A-level students are exposed to a wider range of techniques and develop greater breadth and depth of knowledge, in order to achieve this students have an increased 6 hours of dedicated subject time. Whilst students are expected to work on projects and assignments outside of designated lesson time, students have continued guidance and support from specialist teachers within the Creative Arts and Performing Arts departments. 

Key Stage 5 students will begin to support extracurricular clubs and societies, taking on additional responsibility to support performances and productions; hosting showcase evenings, contributing to choreography, set design, lighting and sound.


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