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Our sixth form Options and Aspirations Programme helps students to make a well-informed and confident transition to university and/or employment. This programme starts long before join JAS sixth form, from Year 9 students will have explored pathways and careers prior to selecting their GCSE subjects. Upon joining JAS sixth form a similar process occurs, each student will be invited to attend a guidance meeting with our Options and Aspirations Advisor, this meeting provides bespoke advice and students discover appropriate courses and pathways available to them with us. There is an apparent correlation between a student’s passion and the likelihood of success, therefore whether attending a guidance meeting or independently perusing our academic offering we advise students to consider, firstly, their interest and enthusiasm for the subject; secondly, the potential to help access university courses; and, thirdly, to think about their career aspirations.



Unifrog is our chosen online careers platform, upper-secondary and sixth form students will use Unifrog as part of their extensive options and aspirations programme. Unifrog gives students access to explore job suitability profiling, to update their online record of achievement and to discover careers and universities around the world. Unifrog will also be used to create and manage student applications to universities.


Post-16 Pathways

We know that JAS students will apply to universities all over the world - whilst the application process differs from country to country, e.g. the UCAS system for the UK and the Common Application Process for the US, the support and guidance that each student receives with us is second-to-none. Our experienced staff; their tutor, their Head of Year and our Options and Aspirations Advisor, will all get to know student’s interests and offer bespoke advice on their aspirations.

Students will be encouraged to undertake work experience in Year 12 and Year 13 and are supported to do so with a weekly double-lesson on their timetable. Voluntary work is invaluable and sought-after within university and/or job applications. By including this valuable experience on student’s timetables, as opposed to a one-off week, we are encouraging the lifelong development of personal qualities and career characteristics in our students. 


Industry Expert Visits 

The sixth form will welcome representatives from universities and industry experts who will inform and advise students towards their future aspirations. Global university representatives offer application advice and present on available courses. Businessmen and women across popular industries will present and develop skills, qualities and qualifications required for employment. Students will be encouraged to attend relevant sessions and engage in discussion with university and industry expert.

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