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Our Admissions Team is here to support you throughout your journey to becoming a JAS student, from when we receive your application, to meeting you on your first day, welcoming you to our JAS family and beyond.

Please contact us via our dedicated email address or call us on +971 4 884 6485. We will be happy to speak to you regarding any queries you may have. 

Gillian Massingham_edited.png
Mrs G Massingham
Admissions Manager
Year 10 and 12
Louise Hughes_edited.png
Mrs L Hughes
Admissions Assistant
FS1 - Year 4
Marisha Macdonald_edited.png
Mrs M MacDonald
Admissions Assistant
Year 5 - Year 9
Amal Tolba_edited.png
Mrs A Tolba

The JAS Admissions Team is always ready to welcome new families on our open days and on our pre-booked tours. 

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