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At Jebel Ali School, we are renowned for our welcoming and friendly parent community. Some of our amazing parents are available to chat with you online, offering you advice and answering key questions that you might have in mind when looking at a new school.


Our ambassadors have first-hand experience, they know the importance of choosing the right school and are well-placed to help you decide whether Jebel Ali School is the right fit for your family. 

The team is ready to answer questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • feedback on teaching and learning at our school

  • how we communicate with our parents

  • how parents can volunteer at the school

  • student engagement and wellbeing

  • inclusiveness and diversity at JAS

  • general advice on getting settled into the JAS community

It's really simple to get started, browse the parent profiles below and click on an individual ambassador to start chatting. In addition to our parents, members of our admissions team are also featured below and are available to chat to.

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