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What to bring

- A labelled lunchbox that can be sanitised. (The cafeteria is only operational for secondary students.)
- A labelled water bottle
- A personal, labelled hand sanitiser
- A labelled pencil case (for students in Year 2 and above), which will remain in school
- An iPad and labelled headphones for all Year 3 to Year 6 students (bluetooth headphones not suitable due to insufficient charge for the school day)
- A Chromebook and labelled wired headphones for all students in the secondary school (bluetooth headphones not suitable due to insufficient charge for the school day)
- A small school bag (no bags with wheels)

Health and safety measures

JAS will be adhering strictly to hygiene protocols set out for all schools in Dubai. Our goal is to both educate and support our students to carry out these practices calmly, correctly, and as independently as possible. A summary of the key health and safety measures are as follows:


- Parents, staff and students in Year 2 and above must wear a face mask onsite. 

- Temperature checks and hand sanitisation for students and staff on arrival. 

- Regular hand washing regimes carried out by staff and students. 

- All students to bring their own stationery to school.

- Social distancing of 1 metre in all areas of the school.

- Signage to encourage social distance and direct the traffic of people.

- Cafeteria will be operational for staff and secondary students only. Parents are not permitted access to the cafeteria. Cash payments can be made with the use of hand sanitiser which will be available next to the payment area.

Classroom spaces

All teaching spaces have been organised and furnished to enable a 1 metre social distance for all students and staff. In FS1 to Year 1, classes have been separated into two stable groups of 13 students as per KHDA protocols.   


The normal absence procedure will be effective from the beginning of the term. Please notify us of your child’s absence before 9am at

Break and Lunch Times

In both primary and secondary, students will eat in their classroom/form bases and remain in their bubbles during break and lunchtimes in the first instance. As the temperature cools, this system will evolve to safely allow students access to outside spaces. Secondary students will have limited access to the cafeteria on a staggered basis, where they can order food from a grab-and-go menu.

PE Kit

All students can wear their PE kit to school on the days that they have a PE lesson or sports ECA. This is due to limited access to changing rooms. Students will remain in PE kit that day.

Lost Property

All students must come to school and ensure all items are fully labelled including their uniform, bags, stationery, water bottles, and lunch boxes. There will be no lost property boxes in operation throughout the school. 

Any items found during the school day will be taken directly to the student's class the same/next day. Any unlabelled uniform items found will be donated to the PTA. All other unlabelled items will be donated to charity. Students are encouraged to leave all valuables at home in case items are lost or misplaced. The school will not take responsibility for these items.

Drinking water

Limited contactless water dispensers are available in school. Students can refill their water bottles at these designated stations.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer rooms may only be used by secondary students and staff at this time. Students and staff should bring in their own prayer mat and take it home daily. Prayer mats will not be stored at the school. Please find the full protocols relating to the use of prayer rooms here

Contact tracing and emergency procedures

We have established an isolation room located next to the medical room. This is located away from the main body of the school and close to the reception and car park. 

If a stable case of illness is detected amongst visitors or staff presenting COVID-19 symptoms such as fever (37.5°C and above), cough, body ache or fatigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea and nausea, headache, or loss of sense of smell or taste, the school’s designated Health and Safety Officer will contact the DHA hotline number (800342). In cases of emergencies, such as having unstable cases amongst staff, students or visitors, we will immediately contact 999 or 997. 

If a child or member of staff begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at school, they will be isolated instantly, and the parent or guardian of the child will be notified immediately. The patient will then be referred to the hospital to take the necessary action. The patient will not return to school until a PCR result is obtained:

If the result is negative and there is a clinical assessment of a probable COVID-19 case, the patient must complete a 10 day quarantine. 


If the result is negative and there is no clinical assessment for a probable case, the child can resume schooling so long as they are symptom-free.


If the result is positive, the traced contacts of the patient – including the teachers, the classmates and siblings of a student, or colleagues of a member of staff – are all considered close contacts (i.e. anyone who spent more than 15 minutes in a proximity of 2 metres with the positive case, from the day of symptoms onset, or the day of the positive PCR test). Traced contacts must all commence a 10 day quarantine from the day of the positive test, or from the day of the onset of symptoms if ascertained by the clinician. 


In cases of COVID-19 emergency, we will follow our endorsed guidelines for emergencies supported by one of the school’s qualified nurses who will be wearing personal protection equipment. Also, the Health and Safety Officer in charge will ensure that the child is accompanied by an adult wearing full PPE when transported to home or to the hospital. Measures for disinfection will be taken as per the guidelines, for the classroom and the school premises used by the child as traced, and the holding isolation room where the staff and students wait for their transportation.


The school’s designated Health and Safety Officers are: 

Mrs S Sheikh: 

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