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Inclusion is important to us at JAS... we place the children’s needs at the centre of everything we do and believe we play a vital role in ensuring every child has a successful learning journey.
Mrs L Wing

JAS prides itself upon being an inclusive school that caters for a wide variety of learners and specific needs of children. This includes children identified with Specific Learning Difficulties, English as an Additional Language, and Exceptionally More Able students. We aim to provide structures, systems, and an environment in which to allow students to learn and flourish. We value the contribution of every child and thus aim to eliminate prejudice and discrimination and provide an environment where the personal, social, emotional and academic needs of children are fully met.

We value strong partnerships with parents and in order to ensure a holistic approach to support, we also work closely with specialist external providers to ensure individual needs are fully met.

At JAS, we have a highly-skilled inclusion team who work in partnership with parents, teachers, learning assistants and leaders. Intervention ranges from in-class support, small focus groups and one-to-one tailored programmes. The inclusion team works collaboratively with the class teachers in order to adapt resources, lesson plans, assessment and the physical environment where necessary.

Inclusion is important to us at JAS, from the Board of Governors to leadership teams, teaching staff and the wider JAS Community. We place the children’s needs at the centre of everything we do and believe we play a vital role in ensuring every child has a successful learning journey.


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Lyndsay Wing_edited.png
L Wing
Whole School Inclusion Leader
STAFF - Olive Clancy_edited.png
O Clancy
Primary SENCo
Megan Sime_edited.png
M Sime
Inclusion Teacher (P)
C Mitchell
Inclusion Teacher (P)
Michelle Nunes_edited.png
M Nunes
Learning Support Assistant
S Ellacott
Inclusion Teacher (S)
Selina Ellacott_edited.png
Elizabeth Tucker_edited.png
JAS_logo 27.04_edited.png
Prema Hundia_edited.png
E Tucker
Learning Support Assistant
E Selant
Learning Support Assistant
P Hundia
Learning Support Assistant
M Jackson
Learning Support Assistant
M La Roux
Learning Support Assistant
L Mooney
Learning Support Assistant
Katie Waddell_edited.png
K Waddle
Needs Based Learning
Shamone Tieghi_edited.png
S Tieghi
Needs Based Learning Assistant
Z Ahmed
Inclusion Teacher (S)
Janice Farrell_edited.png
J Farrell
Inclusion Teacher (S)
Rhonwen Scott_edited.png
R Scott
Inclusion Teacher (S)
C Thompson
Inclusion Teacher
L Chudzynski
Learning Support Assistant
G McGeehan
Learning Support Assistant
V Dabell
Learning Support Assistant
rachel harris_edited.png
R Harris
Learning Support Assistant
Claire Jackson_edited.png
C Jackson
Needs Based Learning Assistant 
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