Jebel Ali School have always prioritised student’s health and wellbeing alongside their academics. Upon reviewing the results of the annual GL Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) assessment, our students are amongst the happiest and most comfortable across Dubai, this remains a priority in the sixth form, from our innovative timetable which balances study time with a delayed school start time, and access to approachable and experienced staff, including our whole school counsellor.



Our Student Health and Wellbeing (SHAW) card has been specifically created for JAS Sixth Form students. It includes a range of discounts and offers from companies around Dubai for students to enjoy, all you need to do is show your SHAW card. Discounts range from; cafes and restaurants so you can meet up with friends, to educational supplies and dry-cleaning businesses to prepare and present themselves effectively. Students will receive more information upon their induction.











Start the day right!

Research suggests that the beginning of the day underpins your productivity throughout the day. Therefore, sixth form students have allocated times before and after school when they can independently access and use the JAS Fitness Suite. Students can also attend our breakfast club from 07:45-08:15 enabling them to grab a social-/working-breakfast ahead of the school day.



Sixth Form students have a large lounge called ‘The Cloud’ where they can catch-up with friends during free periods, breaks or lunchtimes. Students have access to their own kitchenette with a microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge, and can make and store their own food. Alternatively, Tuck Shop, our school canteen provider, will offer provision throughout the school day.  

Academic and Pastoral Support

All JAS students have a great support structure around them, all staff are on hand to offer guidance, advice and direction when necessary. Each student has access to, and is able to arrange a meeting with their tutor, their Head of Year and our school counsellor. Mrs Z Ali, our school counsellor offers continual support for students, staff and parents who would like to talk or seek personal advice. 

For more information, download our Sixth Form Prospectus

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