Making curriculum choices in Year 9 is a very important process here at Jebel Ali School. It is an opportunity for students to take increased control of the education choice on offer to them. During the course of the academic year, our Year 9 students will be making these GCSE/KS4 subject choices and we hope that the information provided in the GCSE Options Booklet will be helpful to both students and parents. The booklet contains a number of informative sections about the nature of GCSEs, the basis upon which choices should be made, summary details about each subject and information on options and ambitions guidance.


Please download the booklet and read through the information so that you are fully briefed on the Year 9 options process. In addition, we will encourage our current Year 9s to download a copy to their Chromebook so that they may use it as a reference source when considering their options.


It is vitally important to choose subjects for the correct reasons. Spend some time with your daughter/son thinking about what subjects they enjoy, what keeps them interested and motivated. It is wise to listen closely as it is they who have to turn up each week for class and engage with the subject matter. Success is dependent on engagement, hard work and a genuine passion for the subject.  

Watch these videos from our curriculum leads for more information on each of our GCSE Options:

GCSE Options Booklet Cover.PNG
Media Studies - GCSE Options