Leadership Team

Simon_Jodrell_image to be used_edited.png
S Jodrell
Kenneth Lyon_edited.png
K Lyon
Primary Headteacher
Fiona Cameron_edited.png
F Cameron
Deputy Headteacher 
for Key Stage 1
Sam Bowen_edited.png
S Bowen
Deputy Headteacher Primary
Ben Horton_edited.png
B Horton
Assistant Headteacher Primary

Foundation Stage 1

 S Tomic
Head of FS1
F1T Teacher
julie young_edited.png
J Young
F1Y Teacher
sam draper_edited.png
S Draper
F1D Teacher
lucy Glies_edited.png
L Giles
F1G Teacher
alice horton_edited.png
A Horton
F1H Teacher
selina tomic_edited.png
S Tieghl
F1T Learning Assistant
rebecca van dok_edited.png
R Van Dok
F1Y Learning Assistant
K Waddell
F1D Learning Assistant
amey purnell_edited.png
A Purnell
F1G Learning Assistant
delnaaz bruce_edited.png
D Bruce
F1H Learning Assistant
katie waddell_edited.png
STAFF - Shamone Tieghi F1T TA_edited.png

Foundation Stage 2

suzie ozbay_edited.png
S Ozbay
Head of FS2
R Penistone
F2P Teacher
rachelael higgins_edited.png
R Higgins
F2H Teacher
A Brown
F2B Teacher
L Joynson
F2J Teacher
rachel penistone_edited.png
angela bowe_edited.png
lucy joynson_edited.png
madina cooper_edited.png
M Cooper
F2O Learning Assistant
J Fionda
F2P Learning Assistant
amrin azeez_edited.png
A Azeez
F2H Learning Assistant
C Appleby
F2B Learning Assistant
N Stewart
F2J Learning Assistant
jo fionda_edited.png
charlotte appleby_edited.png
nicola stewart_edited.png

Foundation Specialists

Amie Channon_edited.png
A Channon
Director of Sport
Emma Turnbull (Mon-Thurs)_edited.png
E Turnbull
PE Teacher
David Proudfoot_edited.png
D Proudfoot
PE Teacher
Shaz Hussey_edited.png
S Hussey
PE Teacher
H Loxton
Sports Coach
Hugh Loxton_edited.png
Lucy Moore_edited.png
L Moore
Sports Coach
jasmin bozivic_edited.png
J Bozovic
Needs Based Learning Assistant
Joana sayer_edited.png
J Sayer
FS1 Foundation Teacher
Jenna Tayfield_edited.png
J Tayfield
Needs Based Learning Assistant
Gemma MCgeehan_edited.png
G McGeehan
Needs Based Learning Assistant
ziena atwi_edited.png
Z Atwi
Foundation Arabic Language Support
carla Coffey_edited.png
C Coffey
Music Teacher
Suzette dawsoan_edited.png
S Dawson
Music Teacher
luca williams_edited.png
L Williams
Teacher of Computing
E Bullock
STAFF - Emily Bullock_edited.png
Zahra Ali_edited.png
Z Ali
Wholeschool Counsellor