Foundation (FS1/FS2)

45,891 AED

Primary (Years 1-6)

Secondary (Years 7-11)

45,891 AED

69,850 AED

Sixth Form (Years 12-13)

74,950 AED

*All students joining JAS must be covered by a debenture. Debentures are non-interest bearing loans paid at the start of a child’s schooling. The debenture or loan is repaid in full when the child leaves the school unless there are outstanding monies owed to the school.


*Terms and conditions apply.



There are two different types of debenture:

  • Corporate Debentures A child nominated on a Corporate Debenture will be given priority on our waitlist above siblings and all other applicants. The Corporate Debenture is AED 60,000 and this can be purchased as a Personal Corporate, or by your company.

  • Personal Debentures Personal Debentures are payable for all new children joining JAS and must be paid in full before they can start school. The Personal Debenture is AED 25,000.

Priority applications 
JAS gives priority to applicants with Corporate Debentures or siblings of existing students followed by all applicants by date of registration. If you have any queries regarding the waiting lists please contact the Admissions Team directly to discuss your application.

As Dubai is a transitory place do check in with our Admissions Team on a regular basis as our waiting lists change frequently. Do not worry if you haven’t heard from us in a while, your child/children's application will remain on a waiting list until you advise us to remove them or you do not respond to our communications.

JAS is a fully inclusive school and subscribes to Federal Law 29 governing admission to schools. A link to the Dubai Inclusive Policy framework can be found in the useful links below.

Contact our Admissions Team via our dedicated email address; admissions@jebelalischool.com or call us on 00971 04 884 6485. Our team will be happy to speak with you regarding any queries you may have.