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Our enrichment programme enhances the provision at JAS Sixth Form. Students are provided with an array of opportunities and are supported to develop essential skills, qualities and experiences in their chosen role, responsibility, interest or aspiration.

Peer Coaching (Holistic) & Academic Mentoring

Students are given the opportunity to personify JAS values and become role models to our younger students. After undergoing a 15-week certified training programme, Sixth Form Peer Coaches will meet with younger students and talk from personal experience (GCSE advice, emotional concerns, academic difficulties). The Academic Mentors undertake a shorter training period and will support younger students with academic skills such as organisation or knowledge. All students will receive support and guidance from a qualified member of staff.

Extra-Curricular Activities/Societies

Sixth form students will have an abundance of extra-curricular activities available to them; from rehearsing for the Drama production to joining a debating society. It is within our ECA programme that students discover themselves and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. Sixth form students also have the opportunity to inspire their peers by creating and leading their own clubs and societies.


JAS Student Leadership Programme

Sixth Form students are our most mature and responsible students, they are role models for all other students. Our leadership opportunities encourage and empower students to demonstrate initiative and ownership, to feel confident and comfortable representing the student voice, to work closely with staff and to personify the JAS values at whole-school and Sixth Form events.

Leadership skills are fostered through a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Students across Year 12 and Year 13 will be able to apply and interview for leadership positions. Opportunities available, but are not limited to; create and lead clubs or societies, complete the Gold Duke of Edinburgh International Award, become a peer coach or academic mentor, become a JAS prefect, and/or become Head student or Deputy Head student



At JAS we offer the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) International Award; Bronze Award in Year 10, Silver Award in Year 11 and Gold Award across Year 12 and Year 13. As part of the Gold Award, students are expected to complete community service, commit to learning a new skill, commit to regular physical recreation and complete a 5-day/4-night adventurous journey, which includes a project. The adventurous journey in 20222 is a trip to Vietnam, likely to be a truly memorable experience for all students involved.


Within the curriculum, some A-Level courses require completion of a field trip to collect research and data that is relevant to the topic. Please see our ‘Academic Provision’ handbook for specific information.

Community Contribution

All Sixth Form Students are expected to make a contribution to our JAS community, which may be through the variety of leadership, coaching, or mentoring opportunities outlined above, and could also include: leading or supporting an Extracurricular Activity or a Jebel Ali School Society, running a charity initiative or supporting students with languages, reading, Art or PE lessons.

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