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What are the Mini Duke and Junior Duke Awards?

Mini and Junior Dukes is an award scheme inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh Award and aimed at primary students that encourages the development of valuable life skills. There are six levels:

  • Silver Mini Duke (Year 1)

  • Gold Mini Duke (Year 2)

  • Bronze Junior Duke (Year 3)

  • Silver Junior Duke (Year 4)

  • Gold Junior Duke (Year 5)

  • Platinum Junior Duke (Year 6)

What Experiences Are Students Involved In As A Result?
Each of the six levels contain fourteen challenges. In order to complete a level, students need to complete ten of these challenges successfully. Challenges include mastering skills such as first aid, ICT, languages, art, drama, music, sport, cookery, puncture repair amongst a variety of cultural experiences. Students will be given many of the necessary skills in school, but the award also requires time and commitment during their own time.

How does the Junior Duke Benefit Our Students?
The skills gained through taking part in the Duke awards are valuable for our students both in school and in later life. Students gain confidence, independence, resilience and adaptability when embarking on the challenges within each level. By taking part in the Duke awards, students become better equipped to deal with the everyday challenges. Children love to do things without help. They simply need the time and space to explore, learn from their mistakes and to learn to be safe. Here is some feedback compiled from the thoughts of children who have completed the Duke awards over the years:

  •  Kids love the feeling of achievement when they have been on an outdoor adventure.

  •  They feel a sense of being 'grown up' when they have successfully built a safe fire and toasted a marshmallow.

  •  They like to show they can recite their parents' mobile phone numbers.

  •  They are likely to be more careful with their buttons if they have learnt how tricky it is to sew them back on!

  •  They LIKE rules, and games like Chess are a great way to instil calm and discipline as well as learning good sportsmanship.

  •  Everyone gets nervous making presentations but if you do it regularly from a very early age, it becomes easier each time.

  •  They like having a purpose to each of the presentations.

  •  They like being able to surprise their parents by cooking and baking.

  •  It's really nice to feel you have done something kind or thoughtful for other people or to organise to get something fixed in their local area.

  •  They like talking to the teachers whom they didn’t really know so well about the things they have done.

  •  They know their parents are proud of them when the have completed each level.

How Can JAS Primary Students Get Involved?
At the beginning of the year, the Junior Duke and International Award lead teachers launch the awards via school assemblies. During this time, students are exposed to the content and structure of the awards and an insight into what sorts of experiences they might be involved in. If students are keen to be a part of this, they can sign up via a parent communication. Upon receiving payment, students receive a booklet which is to be completed as a feature of the programme.

There is a cost of AED 105 per child which covers the cost of the booklet, certificate and badge. We love to see and hear about their progress and achievements as they work their way through the award, please do send in photos and tag us in on our social media @jebelalischoolofficial.


Each booklet outlines the fourteen challenges which need to be completed.


There is a writing element to each of the challenges and a page for inserting photographic evidence.


Upon completion of a challenge, students take their booklet to their “Duke Leader”, who will sign it off.


Once ten challenges have been completed and signed off, they will have completed the level.

Upon completing a level, house points, a certificate and a badge are awarded during assembly.


For those who complete the platinum award, a special awards ceremony takes place to mark the end of this prestigious journey.

For more information on the Awards visit

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