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Arriving into school:

Parents may choose from two points of entry to the school, depending on what is most suitable for your child or children. Please be reassured that all arrival and drop-off points will be clearly signposted and our staff will be on hand to direct you safely and swiftly around the school

Option 1 - Unaccompanied Drop-off

- This option is only available to parents of students in Year 2 or above who are able to get out of the car by themselves, gather their belongings and walk independently to their classroom.
- Cars enter through Security Gate 1 into the school car park.
- Once in the drop off zone, only students are permitted to get out of the car. Please be as quick as possible with this and be kind and patient with the security staff.
- Students make their way to their classroom and cars exit through Security Gate 2.

Option 2 - Accompanied Drop-off

- This option is required for all parents of children in the Foundation Stage and Year 1.
- This is optional for all other primary parents.

- Cars enter the sand parking area outside of the school site and walk into school.
- Please note that only one parent/guardian may accompany their child or children on site. Parents are unable to enter the school building and must spend no longer than 10 minutes on the school site.

- Parents must wear their parent lanyard and a face mask to be allowed on the school premises. Please remember to social distance. Please note that masks with filters are not permitted on school site.

Pick-up procedures:

All secondary students leave class independently and should arrange to be picked up in the school car park or off site. 

Primary parents park outside of the school site in the sand car park and walk into school to collect their child or children from their pick-up location. Only Year 6 students may leave class independently and be collected from the pick-up area in the school car park. Year 6 students are permitted to collect younger siblings in Year 2 and above only. Parents of Year 6 students must complete the Year 6 Unaccompanied Class Leavers Form in order for their child to leave class independently. 

Year 6 children who live in Damac Hills are able to walk or cycle to and from school independently, however parents must contact the to receive a permission card for this. Students without this card will not be permitted to leave the school site independently. 

Parents should ensure that they are adhering to social distancing and spend no longer than 10 minutes on school site.

Drop-off and Pick-up Times and Locations:

All drop-off and pick-up times and locations can be found here. Please be reassured that our staff will be on hand to guide you around the school before and after the school day. 

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