The latest guidance to all schools from the KHDA states that “From here on in we want distance learning to be provided only for the eligible categories.”

In line with this directive, please be advised that we will continue to provide Distance Learning (DL) to a confirmed Covid-19 positive case only.


The DL provision is no longer available for students absent for any other reason. 


Important note: If your child is unwell and is displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms, you must NOT send them to school and follow the standard JAS absence procedure by notifying the school via email to absence@jebelalischool.org

For queries relating to distance learning, please use the relevant email address below:

FS1 to Year 2: ks1recep@jebelalischool.org

Year 3 to 6:  ks2recep@jebelalischool.org

Secondary: secondaryacademic@jebelalischool.org



- Students will have a daily timetable that aligns closely with the face-to-face version. 

- 2022-2023 Distance Learning Timetables.

- Students must register in the morning through Google Meet.

- Students must wear their school uniform whilst learning from home. 

- Instructions and learning input will be given live via Google Meet or via prepared teacher instruction on Seesaw.

- Online links to the lessons may be posted onto Seesaw for students and parents to access. 

- Students will complete the required tasks set by the teacher and submit their work on Seesaw.

- Written and verbal feedback will be given by the teacher as quickly as possible through Seesaw.


- Students will follow their daily timetable lesson by lesson.

- Students must wear their school uniform whilst learning from home.

- Timetables will be the same as the face-to-face version so students will receive 7 lessons per day based on their own timetable. 

- Students will use Google Classroom as their learning platform.

- Students new to JAS Secondary will receive the joining information/instructions for use of Google Classroom.

- All teaching materials and tasks will be placed on the students' Google Classroom area for that subject. 

- This work will be supported by the teacher on a live basis via Google Meet during that lesson.

- Students will submit work via Google Classroom and receive feedback via this method. This will be the same for face-to-face learners.