Leadership Team

Simon_Jodrell_image to be used_edited.png
S Jodrell
Stephen Green_edited.png
S Green
Secondary Headteacher
James Batten_edited.png
J Batten
Assistant Headteacher Post 16
Headteacher Year 12
Ben Parnell_edited.png
B Parnell
Assistant Headteacher for Care and Wellbeing

Pastoral Team

James Batten_edited.png
J Batten
Assistant Headteacher Post 16
Headteacher Year 12
Zahra Ali_edited.png
Z Ali
Wholeschool Counsellor

English Department

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Emily Berry_edited.png
E Berry
Head of English
Richard Malpass_edited.png
R Malpass
Deputy Headteacher
for Academics
Lucy Horsham_edited.png
L Horsham
English Teacher
James Persechino_edited.png
J Persechino
English Teacher
C McGuigan
English Teacher
Callum McGuigan_edited.png

Maths Department

C Baker
Head of Maths
Scott Brown_edited.png
S Brown
Assistant Headteacher for Data and Reporting
Nahla Osman_edited.png
N Osman
Head of Year 7
S Sonsin
Head of Year 10
Joanne Yates_edited.png
J Yates
Head of Year 8
sattawat sonsin_edited.png
Charlotte Baker_edited.png

Science Department

Gemma Briggs_edited.png
G Briggs
Head of Science
10AR - Aiofe Riordan_edited.png
A Riordan
Science Teacher
E Collery
Science Teacher
Lora Moore_edited.png
L Moore
Science Teacher
Esther Keeley_edited.png
E Keeley
Science Teacher
Emma Collery_edited.png
A Kirrage
Science Teacher
Jaya Charan_edited.png
J Charan
Marta Tormo_edited.png
M Tormo
STAFF - Alison Kirrage_edited.png

Languages Department

Jennifer Sims_edited.png
J Sims
Head of MFL
Andrea Mossoni_edited.png
A Mossoni
Head of Year 11
Jose Guerrero_edited.png
J Guerrero
MFL Teacher
J Fantham
MFL Teacher
Anne Taylor_edited.png
A Taylor
MFL Teacher

Physical Education Department

Amie Channon_edited.png
A Channon
Director of Sport
Ben Parnell_edited.png
B Parnell
Assistant Headteacher for Care and Wellbeing
James Batten_edited.png
J Batten
Assistant Headteacher Post 16Headteacher Year 12
Sam Dooley_edited.png
S Dooley
PE Teacher
George Spurling_edited.png
G Spurling
PE Teacher
Gemma Hillier_edited.png
G Hillier
PE Teacher
Pippa Bullock_edited.png
P Bullock
PE Teacher
Hugh Loxton_edited.png
H Loxton
Sports Coach
Lucy Moore_edited.png
L Moore
Sports Coach

Arabic Department

N Dwedari
Head of Arabic 
H Al Buni
Arabic Teacher
H Safi
Head of Islamic
H Al Rawajfeh
Arabic Teacher
H Elewa
Islamic Teacher

Creative Arts Department

Eleanorr Scarr_edited.png
E Scarr
Head of Art & Photography
L McMurray
Art Teacher
Vivian Angiw_edited.png
V Angiew
Art Technician
Simon Kuzsnetsov_edited.png
S Kuzsnetsov
Head of Design Technology
Gil Falseco_edited.png
G Falceso
DT Technician
STAFF - Lucy McMurray_edited.png

Performing Arts Department

Rosie Channon_edited.png
R Channon
Head of Drama
Adam Laird_edited.png
A Laird
Head of Music

Computer Science Department

Claire Coyle_edited.png
C Coyle
Head of Computer Science

Business & Economics Department

Laura Secker_edited.png
Liz Sweet-Jones_edited.png
L Secker
Head of Business & Economics
L Sweet-Jones
Business & Economics Teacher and Head of Social Studies

Psychology Department

Keren Chittenden_edited.png
K Chittenden
Head of Psychology

Secondary Library

V Free
Secondary Librarian
STAFF - Vicky Free_edited.png

Humanities Department

Matthew Rice_edited.png
M Rice
Head of Humanities
Syreeta Taylor_edited.png
S Taylor
Humanities Teacher
Jenna Brownlee_edited.png
J Brownlee
Humanities Teacher
Benjamin Thompson_edited.png
B Thompson
Humanities Teacher
Options and Aspirations Advisor