Welcome to JAS Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering JAS as the school for your child/children. We have split the application process into the relevant areas below to help guide you through the admissions process so that you know what to expect at each stage of your application. 

General Information

JAS accepts applications for the current and coming academic years with the following exceptions:


Year 10 and 11 is a two-year GCSE learning programme. Applications are only accepted for entry into Year 10 at the start of the Academic Year. 


Year 12 and 13 is a two-year A-level learning programme. Applications are only accepted for entry into Year 12 at the start of the Academic Year. 


Please read and understand the following process before starting on your child's application. Should you need clarification, please email us at


Please have your child/children's latest year-end and interim reports to hand, along with all of the supporting documents needed such as Passport/Visa and Emirates ID. FS1 applicants can upload a nursery report or a photograph in place of a school report.


Due to the volume of applications we receive, we endeavour to respond to you within five working days. 


Entrance assessments are required for all year groups outside of FS1.  Typically this involves reviewing your child/children's current reports/CAT4 scores. We may invite your child to complete an assessment in school.  For secondary students, we will also review school reports and CAT4 results, as well as conduct an assessment including separate English and Maths modules. Sixth form students are invited to participate in a virtual interview/guidance meeting.

Before completing the application form, please process the application fee of AED 525 (incl. 5% vat) via bank transfer. You will need to take a screenshot of your bank transfer as poof of payment and upload this into your application form. Our bank details are below;


Bank: Emirates NBD
Bank Address: P.O. Box 777, Dubai.
Account Name : Jebel Ali School
Account Number: 101-10454888-01
Branch : DMM Branch, Dubai
Swift Code: EBILAEAD
IBAN: AE700260001011045488801

Here is a brief step-by-step guide as to how our application process works:

First Step

Process the application fee and then choose the application form that applies to your child.

If you are applying
 for more than one child,  you will need to complete one application form for each child.

Second Step

When the application form and payment receipt have been submitted, you will receive notification from our Accounts Team. Your child will then be added to our waiting list or moved to the evaluation stage depending on availability.

Third Step

Once a place has become available for your child, we will contact you to arrange an evaluation.  

If applying for secondary, you will be welcomed to sit an entrance exam.

Fourth Step

Once your child has completed the assessment process, the Admissions Team will notify you of the next steps.